Welcome to La Fête Festival !



Thierry Viteau

Ambassador of France in Thailand

It is with great pleasure that the French Embassy in Thailand is organizing the ninth edition of the French-Thai cultural festival La Fête, in partnership with the Alliance française in Bangkok, which will inaugurate its new and modern buildings next October in Lumpini Park just one year after the celebration of its Centennial, along with the three other Alliances françaises in Thailand, the Ministry of Culture and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration of the Kingdom of Thailand.

The 2013 edition has to be a turning point, for La Fête, to genuinely become a French-Thai festival combining the best of our two countries, which have much more in common than similar size and population: we share the same taste for the art of living, for tradition as well as for creation and innovation, for diversity and tolerance.
This French-Thai cooperation will give us new opportunities to get to know each other better and to enrich one another. It will also be the common thread of this multidisciplinary festival: dance through its contemporary expressions; music in all its forms – opera, pop-music, “electro”; photography and visual arts; scientific culture.
By attending the festival, I hope many Thai people will want to get to know France better, its culture and language, and will give rise to new projects, for example travelling in France or studying in our universities.
The festival will also be a good opportunity to bring together all those who are already close to France, for more artistic exchanges of course, but also for economic and scientific ones, because, if France is well-known for arts, cuisine and fashion, it is an innovative country as well, especially in the technological field.
Most of the events of La Fête are still taking place in Bangkok. In the future, the festival will have to expand throughout the Kingdom of Thailand, from North to South, in thriving regions, as a first step towards the development of closer ties between French and Thai regions and towns, that I strongly wish for, having in mind the best interest of our two countries.

I wish you an excellent La Fête festival 2013!